Cost-Effective Concrete Patio Design Ideas

January 14, 2020

Cost-Effective Concrete Patio Design Ideas

When it comes to completely transforming your outdoor house components, you need to think out of the box. When most people think of the word ‘concrete patio’, a picture of dull, cracked slabs sometimes come to mind.

You can consider a variety of outdoor concrete ideas to make your home visually appealing and inspiring. For example, the use of colours, patterns, patio pavement, and landscaping can make your patio attractive. This blog post will identify some of the most valuable concrete patio ideas. Before we explore concrete patio ideas, let’s talk about how having a nice patio build can increase the value of your home.

Wise homeowners always build a patio that creates good chemistry with the rest of their outdoor environment. It’s not a good idea to have a large patio in a small backyard or a small patio in a huge yard. Every element of your home exterior must look balanced and cohesive. Whether you want to decorate your house or want to sell it, make sure to add value to it. Here are some concrete patio ideas:

A Stamped Concrete Patio

It’s possible to design a patio in a way that resembles flagstone, bricks, or cobblestone. Creating a stamped patio is not expensive. If you already have a patio and you want to improve its appearance, have a concrete contractor stamped the concrete surface. A stamped concrete patio is durable and requires low maintenance.

On the other hand, if you want to build a wood patio, it will cost you at least four times more than a concrete patio. Besides, concrete is more durable when it comes to corrosive environmental factors such as extreme temperature or water. With minor maintenance, you can easily maintain a concrete patio and its design.

Fake The Look Of Stone

The good thing about concrete is that you can mould it in as many ways as you want. If you want your patio to look like masterfully combined stones, you can fake the concrete look using cost-effective tricks. A patterned rubber roller or stamping mats are surprisingly fast and effective tools to create various looks. Your concrete contractor should be able to provide some applicable design ideas.

Paint Addition

An existing lifeless patio can be turned into an exciting concrete surface. Homeowners can spruce up patios using creative paint ideas. A faux rug created using paint, for instance, is a less expensive way of improving your existing backyard. You need to use porch paint rated for outdoor applications and don’t forget to power-wash the concrete.

New Clay Pavers

An old backyard patio can be resurfaced with new clay pavers which are bricks hard-fired in a kiln. The durability of new clay pavers will help the patio withstand harsh weather and sun rays. When compared to natural stone, clay pavers are less expensive.

No matter what patio design idea you would like to use, make sure to hire a concrete contractor who knows how to recreate your existing patio or build a new patio in a way that reflects your idea.

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