Pioneer Concrete takes special care when our clients ask us to work on their concrete basements. Basements are the most crucial floor of any building, may it be residential or a high rise commercial building. The reason is that it supports the whole building structure that is above it. Even the seepage is attracted downwards, which means that the basement has to be carefully layered and must resist moisture to function in the best possible way. Apart from that, a basement must be made with concrete that has very high strength and durability properties as it will need to last for decades.

Keeping all these critical details in mind, our specialist concrete professionals simply leave nothing out when planning concrete basement construction. Furthermore, the materials used are tested and made sure to provide maximum utility in regards to construction quality. The finishes used in our concrete basements are also done while keeping in mind that they will have to resist constant pressure and moisture due to possible leaks in pipes or just precipitation, which cannot be avoided in Edmonton. Pioneer Concrete guarantees service excellence as we make sure that your concrete basement is set to serve you just the way you expect it to.


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