indoor and outdoor

Pioneer Concrete fully understands that concrete works in different ways when it is used in indoor concrete projects and when it is used in outdoor concrete projects. With our years of experience and technical service knowledge, we make sure that our concrete mix will best suit the environment it will be used in and perform for decades without any signs of wear or cracks. We, as industry specialists, bear in mind that direct exposure to Sunlight and moisture from the rain or ground affects your concrete structures in many different ways. This is why we consider the environment, the physical properties of the place and many other details before we initiate your custom concrete requirements.

Being concrete specialists in Edmonton, we use premium quality materials in our perfectly mixed concrete which withstand extreme cold and consistent snow for your outdoor concrete projects. Likewise, we make sure that all your indoor concrete projects will face minimum seepage and maintain consistency even after years of use. Having a deep understanding and vast experience of concrete based services, we can deliver even the most complex of concrete projects that might seem to be difficult for others. We test the quality of our materials and, eventually, the concrete mix that will be used for every individual project to make sure you receive the quality we promise.


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