Why Concrete Is The Best Material For Construction

December 20, 2019

Why Concrete Is The Best Material For Construction

Development of human civilization is often measured by their municipality, infrastructure, construction materials and overall architecture. Archeologists have discovered even the earliest civilization’s building structures all around the world. In all these discoveries, we can now study how our construction materials and architectures evolved with time. From living in caves to stone houses, mud houses and from wood to today’s modern concrete mixes, there are plenty of different types of homes throughout history. We have indeed improved a lot in the way we build buildings for residential and commercial purposes.

In all this architectural evolution, concrete is the best construction material, and there are plenty of reasons why. The use of concrete can now be seen all around us. From concrete walkways to concrete high-rise buildings, we can see concrete everywhere in the metropolitans. Concrete has become one of the most used construction materials around the world. The following few points show why it became the best material for construction today.

Safe and Secure

Concrete is a simple mixture of sand and aggregate stones, portland cement, and water. It is also known as ‘human-made rock’ because of its appearance and physical properties. Modern concrete also uses some additives that raise the strength and endurance of the concrete mixture. Being a pure material that is built by simple ingredients, concrete is one of the safest and most secure construction materials. Once cured, it has minimum toxicity, and there are minimum diseases that are related to this construction material.


Concrete has a long life when it comes to architectural durability. It does not get eroded with moisture or humidity. Concrete does not get washed away with excessive rain and other natural weather extremities. Concrete, in fact, gets more potent as time passes, this is why most construction contractors prefer to use concrete to give their building structure a long life. Concrete is used when it’s in semi-solid form, and as it dries up or ‘cures’, it holds its shape and provides a highly durable solid structure that lasts for a lifetime.


Concrete is created with very economical ingredients, and it is produced depending on the need. This is why there is little wastage when you use concrete in your construction. Concrete is also highly recyclable. Even after decades, it can be easily broken down to be reused or crushed and added in the aggregated material. Concrete also has the lowest costs when it comes to renovate or repair a building structure. All these points combine to make concrete one of the most cost-effective construction materials of today.


Concrete today is far more advanced than it was even a few decades back. Combined with steel rebar, concrete amplifies the building structure strength to phenomenal levels. Professional concrete contractors now get extra additives in the concrete mixture to further enhance its durability and other construction-related attributes. The mix of the concrete can be managed to serve different construction functions. For example, if concrete contractors need more strength faster, they will reduce the amount of water to gain that extra strength. They can also change the volume of cement and sand or aggregate to achieve other functions of the same concrete.


Once the concrete is in place, it is one of the most environmentally friendly construction materials out there, having a minimum negative impact on the environment or geography. Even the constructed materials can be recycled and reused again and again while keeping their strength and durability attributes intact. When considering its lifespan, concrete has a minimum carbon footprint, and this is the reason even the most developed nations around the world and the concept of green construction also advocate the use of concrete in buildings.


Concrete is indeed the leading construction material of the world. Modern architectural specialists consider concrete as the primary construction material that will empower the concept of sustainable construction of the future. In simple words, no one wants to build a building that needs renovations regularly. Concrete structures are strong enough to survive for many lifetimes without any severe damages from extreme weather and even natural disasters like hurricanes and floods.

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