Why Use Concrete For Commercial Kitchen Countertops

January 28, 2020

Why Use Concrete For Commercial Kitchen Countertops

Commercial kitchens in restaurants and cafeterias can get really hectic. Multiple personnel perform all sorts of cooking-related tasks throughout the day. Lead chefs of such eateries try to create an efficient and customized kitchen to assist their staff while they face the heavier traffic times, which is mostly lunch and dinner. To construct a fully efficient kitchen, having durable and heat resistant countertops are among the top priorities of these lead chefs. It is no surprise that these experienced food masters prefer to use concrete for their kitchen countertops.

We have shortlisted below some of the primary reasons why leading chefs use concrete for their commercial kitchen countertops.

Highly Customizable

Concrete can be customized to virtually any design or layout. Commercial kitchens often require specific counter spaces for the chefs to do their tasks while they prepare their customer’s food. This is where concrete easily fulfills their needs. You can divide the counters for cold and hot food preparations without any additional materials or detached countertops. This way the chefs make sure they design the most efficient countertop that fully appreciates their operational needs and the ambiance of the restaurant.

Heat Resistant

Concrete is highly heat resistant, which makes it an ideal material to be used in a kitchen that extensively deals with warm food and extremely hot cooking wear. Chefs who are working at their peak hours have very little time to manage things in a comfortable manner. They often have no time to waste, if the food they prepared does not end up being how they wanted they have to start all over again. In this frantic situation having a countertop that does not get affected by excessive heat is a definite win for them.

Fusible With Other Materials

It is not at all important that you need to use concrete as a single medium for your kitchen countertops. You can fuse it with a number of other materials such as metals like stainless steel, wood, marble and even glass. It all depends on the design you have in mind. However, the freedom to imagine a unique design is only available if you choose concrete as your primary kitchen countertop material.

Long-Lasting Life

Concrete lasts for decades if not a lifetime. Most construction business specialists claim that concrete is a permanent construction solution/material. Now we can assume that a commercial kitchen would be really expensive to construct and using concrete will definitely help in reducing the costs in the long run. The material itself is really durable and there’s less of a chance it will break or become unusable any time soon.

Easy Maintenance And Cleaning

Concrete countertops that have high-quality finishing are very easy to clean and maintain. You could just spray a simple soap mix and use a microfiber cloth to wipe off any food crumbs or oily stains. Concrete specialists are able to finish the concrete project with a smooth finish that ensures long term performance without any visible wear and tear.

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